necklaces with necklines

Choosing Necklaces With Necklines

Choosing a right length and type of necklace for different necklines can be tricky. Here you can find the most common necklines for dresses and tops to help you to design your piece. There are really no rules but we want you to wear accessories that look good on you and fit your personal style.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you choose your necklace style for your neckline.

V neckline and necklace round neckline and necklace


Choose a necklace that’s just little bit shorter than your neckline. You want to emphasise the shape of your neckline and add some heavier beads at the bottom of the necklace. The necklace above is ‘matinee’ length.

Round u-neckline

A small round neckline can be difficult to accessorise as you don’t want your necklace falling under your dress via the neckline. Go for a necklace that i sufficiently longer than your neckline and sits nicely on top of your dress.

necklace and strapless dress boat neck dress and long beads

Strapless dress

A statement necklace of choker length is the right choice for a strapless dress or a top. It balances the large skin area and makes the whole outfit look elegant and considered.

Boat neckline

Accessorise this generous neckline with a long beaded necklace or two.

collar top and statement necklace turtleneck top and long beaded necklace

Collar top

A necklace may get lost under a collar top so I recommend wearing a bold choker necklace.


Long beaded necklaces or pendants are a good choice for a turtleneck top.

cowl dress and dainty necklace off shoulder asymmetric dress and statement necklace

Cowl dress

With an elegant evening dress wear a choker length dainty necklace for a beautiful party look.

Off shoulder top

These two wooden necklaces look great with this simple black off shoulder top.

I hope you find this little neckline guide helpful!

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