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8 Ways To Design A Chunky Necklace

You may associate bubblegum beads with kid’s jewellery, but now that big chunky statement necklaces are in fashion it’s time to give them a second chance! In this post I share ideas on how to design a chunky necklace using bubble gum beads and how to style them. Bubblegum beads are a versatile and trendy material right now. It lends itself to both colourful and funky designs but also to very chic and contemporary styles.

1) Spiky little number

Create a funky look by designing a chunky necklace that combines different shapes and materials with big bubblegum beads. This one uses wooden discs, metal spikes and glass beads.

beige statement necklace beige spiky necklacestatement necklacestatement necklace

Michaela is wearing this spiky, beige chunky necklace to spice up her lovely burgundy leather dress.

2) A retro look

Inspired by the swinging 60’s, we took note of Diana Ross’ colourful beaded choker!

diana multicolour statement necklacecolourful chunky necklacechunky necklace

Michaela absolutely loved this chunky necklace and combined her bright pink dress with the retro choker.

3) Classical look

Combine black with another colour, such as beige to create a contemporary, chunky necklace.

two colour chunky necklace black and beige chunky necklacechunky necklacechunky necklace

This black and beige chunky necklace goes really well with natural colours. You can add a second necklace to turn it into a statement piece.

4) A layered look

I saw this lovely image of Meryl Streep wearing two black chunky necklaces and used the idea to create a bold layered look. The small gold colour beads are seed beads and there are gold coloured spacers between the black bubblegum beads. I love this look!

meryl black statement necklace

Links to the necklace designs above: Meryl 1 (60cm) and Meryl 2 (47cm).

statement necklacestatement necklace

Michaela is wearing a lovely lace top with the layered black chunky necklaces.

5) Bright summer colours

Bubblegum beads come traditionally in very bright, bold colours. Pick one and combine it with white and silver to create a chic look.

chunky necklace, statement necklace, bubblegum bead necklace, bubblegum beads, who to design chunky necklace, yellow, choker yellow statement necklaceyellow statement necklaceyellow statement necklace

Kelly is wearing a yellow bubblegum and white seashell pearl necklace that adds some summer sunshine into her look.


6) Design details

Bubblegum beads work well on their own, but you can make the piece a bit more detailed and sophisticated by adding small spacer beads. I’ve used a strong contrasting colour (red) or a complementary neutral colour (brass) in these examples below. It’s also a great idea to add one bubblegum bead that is the same colour as the spacer beads as an accent for a contemporary look. When you place it off centre, it makes the necklace look a bit more modern than if placed in the middle. Personal style preference naturally!

black chunky necklaceturquoise bubblegum beadsblack and red choker necklace   turquoise necklace

7) Pale plus bright

Choose a pale colour, such as light grey, and combine it with a bright 20 mm bubblegum beads. The smaller beads used here is a 4mm glass bead but you could also use a metal or even a small wooden bead.

orange necklaceorange chunky necklacestatement necklace

8) A fun holiday rope

Simply go ‘all in’ on the colourful bubblegum beads and make a long rope necklace. This funky design will brighten up any holiday outfit and simply make you smile! It’s important, however, to understand the bead sizes when designing long necklaces as they don’t look as large on the jewellery design platform as in real life. Usually the big beads, such as the bubblegum beads, lend themselves better for shorter necklaces or as accents on longer ones. When you design a long rope with big beads only you need to be prepared it’s going to be a real statement. But why not, that’s what’s fun about accessorising with jewellery!

long chunky necklacechunky long ropebubblegum bead necklace

bubblegum bead necklace bubblegum necklacebubblegum necklace bubblegum necklacebubblegum necklace video cover

Try wearing bright, chunky long necklace like this one with a bright summer tee or a dress. A real statement look that will turn heads for sure!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Which one was your favourite? Do comment and leave your own tips and ideas below.

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