creative gifts for christmas

A Creative Gift for Christmas

The holiday season is almost here (oh no!). Despite valiant attempts by retailers and towns around the world to make their stores and streets attractive, many of us (most of us?) will shop online this Christmas Season. I know there will be one less person cruising Oxford St in December (me!). I also remember making presents when I was younger. Life was slower and many people…

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design jewellery online

Be Inspired By Autumn? Design Jewellery Online

It is no wonder that nature provides an inspiration for so many people. You just need to look down your street to appreciate the natural worlds understanding of colour theory. The orange of the pumpkins, the reds, greens and yellows of the trees or the purple, pink and red berries that you uncover once the leaves have fallen. These colour combinations provide a solid foundation…

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autumn florals

Autumn Florals

We love flowers and believe they shouldn’t be just for summer. Luckily, floral patterns and flower accessories are very much ‘in’ this AW15 season, therefore, we thought it would be fun to share ideas using autumn florals in jewellery. Fashion jewellery is such an easy way to add texture and details to your wardrobe and to stay on trend. Add floral details to a short necklace…

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jewellery colour clash

Jewellery Colour Clash

We’ve put together some ideas for a jewellery colour clash. It’s all the rage this autumn! Colour has fascinated people for millennia. Many notable scientists and artists have made contributions to the concept of the Colour Wheel. These concepts have made their way into canvases, jewellery boxes and fashion runways the world over. Basic theory suggests that colour harmony can be achieved using colours that…

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jewellery style icons

5 Jewellery Style Icons Who Should Inspire You

Who’s your ultimate fashion idol, the woman who inspires you with her style? We picked five of today’s (and yesterday’s) tastemakers that inspire us, women who are our jewellery style icons. Iris Apfel Iris Apfel has become one of the most recognised jewellery style icons. Bold, colourful and chunky jewellery is at the heart of her signature style. She says that “she’s rather happy than stylish“,…

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necklaces with necklines

Choosing Necklaces With Necklines

Choosing a right length and type of necklace for different necklines can be tricky. Here you can find the most common necklines for dresses and tops to help you to design your piece. There are really no rules but we want you to wear accessories that look good on you and fit your personal style. Hopefully these suggestions will help you choose your necklace style for…

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design your own beach jewellery

Design Hot Summer Jewellery

The month has started with record breaking temperatures across Europe and Mink&Stone is getting ready to hit the beach. It’s one thing to complete your beach look with funky jewellery, but for real personal style impact you could design your own summer jewellery online. We put together a couple of ideas for fun beach necklaces and tips for choosing the right materials. 1) Bright summer colours…

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perfectly matching necklace

Let Us Design A Necklace For You

SUMMER PARTY – SUMMER DRESS Sometimes it’s almost impossible to find a perfectly matching necklace to go with your summer dress. Don’t panic! We are here to help. Send us an image of your dress and let us suggest a necklace design for you. You will get a digitally generated necklace design, which if you decide to buy it, will then be handmade for you. email your image together…

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festival style jewellery

Six Ways To Accessorise Your Festival Style

We’ve been very much inspired by fashion images that have been flooding the internet during this year’s Coachella music and festival in California. The festival season is only starting here in the UK, so it’s a perfect time to start thinking about your own festival season look. We put together a couple of ideas to inspire you on the jewellery front. The design platform is…

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cover photo flower

Floral Patterns In Jewellery Design

The flower beads have been a hit on our site this spring so I decided to dedicate a post to floral inspiration. ‘Floral’ is also one of the key SS2015 fashion trends. It’s hard to match the catwalk extravaganza in everyday outfits but it’s great for inspiration.   Roses Roses must be one of the most beautiful flowers so why not celebrate them in your…

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